To be the leader in one's own sector is an achievement that can not be improvised, it is achieved through determination and the ability to overcome any challange that the market offers with efficiency and professionalism.

 A strong and flexible comapny

There are three main characteristics that make FARO a highly dynamic company, able to find the right solution even for urgent or difficult requests:

  • A HIGH PRODUCTION CAPACITY resulting in the minimising of delivery time.
  • A RANGE OF PRODUCTS IN CONTINUAL EVOLUTION with the possibility to personalise any item.
  • AN EFFICIENT COMMERCIAL ORGANISATION essentially based on the "needs of the client".

 The search for style

To be able to propose new styles in this sector is fundamental in maintaining an elevated position and with this in mind FARO has an able team of international designers who collaborate together with a highly qualified design department to invent new solutions and make the shoe-fittings unique.

When art takes form

The artistic human resource of creating the idea units with the world of computer and robotics to shape the material and invent a new style.

The finition - Press and blanking department

The working of the iron through different phases of operations completes the range of services offered by FARO.

Commecial organisation

All FARO's organisation, Italian and foreign, is aimed at maximum assistance for the client through:

  • its own wide network of agents and distributors in the world's various markets.
  • minimising delivery time.
  • an updated computer system that allows us to answer client's requests quickly.